Gauqmebulia, 35 yaşında., Gürcistan, Tiflis
Telefon doğrulaması
Selfie ile doğrulama
Son ziyaret:
Cevaplama oranı: 60%
İsım: Gauqmebulia
Yaş: 35
Konumu: Gürcistan, Tiflis
Burç: Başak
Kilo: 68kg
Boy: 170cm
Göz rengi: Açık kahve
Saç Rengi: Koyu sarışın
Vücut tipi: Ince
Sigara içme sıklığı: Asla
İçki İçme Sıklığı: Asla
Etkinlik türün: Farketmez
Diğer bilgiler:
Telefon doğrulaması
Selfie ile doğrulama
Çocuğunuz var mı?:
14 yaşında. Kız, beraber yaşıyoruz
İngilizce 3 (İyi)
Türkçe 2 (Orta)
Medeni Durumu: Bekar
Çocuk istiyor musunuz?: Kararsız
Taşınmayı kabul ediyor musun?:
Başka bir ülkeye taşınmayı kabul ediyorum
Hayattaki önceliklerin:
Aile kurmak,uzun süreli ilişki
Akli denge
Gelirin: Sabit küçük gelir
Nerede yaşıyorsun?: Ayrı daire
Seyahat etmek ve harcamaları karşılama hakkında ne düşünüyorsun?: Ödemeyi kabul ediyorum
Eğitim: Lisans
Meslek: Polis
Dini İnanç?: Ortodoks
Yaş: 36 - 56
Ülke: Farketmez
Boy: 170 - 183 cm
Göz rengi: Farketmez
Saç Rengi: Farketmez
Aradığınız kişinin çocuk sahibi olmasını istermisiniz?: Evet
Vücut tipi: Farketmez
Sigara: Asla
İçki: Asla
Etnik Tercih: Farketmez

Sorular ve Cevaplar

Kendinizi nasıl tanımlarsınız?
Hello,I am here to find my best friend, lover and husband. I think if we have the same goals, then everything will fall into place. It may not be easy to find love and build a relationship, but I am sure that long miles are nothing for two people who want to be together. Like many of you, I'm just looking for someone who will become my best friend and with whom I can spend the rest of my life and create a happy family and a cozy home. A person who will help me overcome all obstacles in life.
I like to watch interesting movies, I like to draw and especially flowers. Unfortunately I am not a professional artist. If you want, I can show you my paintings later.... I also like hiking in nature and going to national parks. I absolutely love doing home improvement projects in my house! I enjoy getting my hands dirty to bring the house to its maximum beauty and sometimes I even build the furniture myself. I like to try new restaurants and have good food with friends. I like theater, good shows and symphony. In my free time, I like to watch historical films and comedies. I look online for videos that teach me how to do different home improvement projects. I like challenges and learning new things. I especially like to learn new culture and history. I studied almost the entire history and culture of my country. Very old and interesting. The traditions and cuisine of my country are amazing and delicious. I love to cook and am often in the kitchen cooking and baking. This is art for me. I like to walk in nature. I also like to stay at home and watch movies. When my schedule allows, I like to be spontaneous, adventurous, romantic. I appreciate a person for his simplicity, humility, justice, how attentive and sincerely warm he is. I don't care about its external facade and material condition. Also please know that I am not rich, I have a job and I work hard. I think communication, honesty and respect are the foundations of a beautiful serious relationship as long as you have the intention to be happy. The most important thing is the truth and never lie to each other in a relationship. The main thing is to be honest. I look forward to hearing from you!
İdeal partnerinizi nasıl tarif ederdiniz?
My heart will be unlocked for those who give me love, tenderness and kindness. I just want to be clear. I am 35 years old. I appreciate beauty, fashion and physical attractiveness. These are important and noble attributes in themselves. We will get old though. I can't imagine using this beauty or body to keep myself. I'm not looking for a perfect man, I'm just looking for the right man. What's important to me is having a good heart. Appearance may change over the years, but a good heart remains. I believe that marriage is created by God and has a beautiful purpose. I believe that in order for a couple to fall in love with each other, they should talk regularly for at least a few minutes a day. Like in real life. Especially if you are interested in a serious relationship with a lady abroad. Love should be getting to know each other deeply, understanding the mood of your loved one at a distance and all your attention, tenderness and personality. This is love, but it must grow every day. This is how I see our relationship in the future... I hope to meet someone special who doesn't believe that distance is a barrier to true love!

I hope to find a person who knows the gravity of the world and still learns to smile. A partner with whom we can personally unite in a sweet romance and stand firm in society. I want to share my mind, thoughts and soul with you and listen to yours as well. But maybe there is someone out there who will show me a whole new way of thinking, of seeing. I hope so, and I hope we find him and fall in love with each other. To be honest, I don't have an ideal. I am looking for a simple man who will make me happy in this life, who wants to open my heart. Who is looking for his neighbor as well. I don't care how you look, whether you are fat or thin. ugly or cute The only thing that matters to me is a good heart. Appearances may change over the years, but a good heart remains. Beauty fades, but character remains. The most important thing for me is to find love.I’m looking for a kind, honest and loyal partner to build a life and a family together with. Kindness, consideration and respect is a great start, but hopefully that’s only the start.
For me a relationship is somewhat like two rowers in a rowing boat !

They have to coordinate, communicate, make compromises and so on….but if they succeed in that, they will be stronger together, than they ever might be, if they are just on their own !

In case that you are still reading here I`d like to congratulate you ;-p   !...I mean, we are in virtual reality here !...Or to express it in other words, on the most superficial places, at all.!...To many people look for perfection ( Will they find it ?..What would you Guess ;-)? ) !..and are wasting the time of those who would appreciate it to have some honest, sincere and authentic conversations, because they are looking for a relationship ( with flaws ) ! I am not interested in people whose profile looks like a whishlist ..or in people that are to lazy to answer a question sincerly and honestly ...... How could I ?....... i am looking for relationship
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